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Mediasphere For Nature

Application lab at the Berlin Naturkundemuseum

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Knowledge transfer that keeps up with change in the digital age must rely on enhanced innovative networking between research and industry. Companies can support museums in presenting and processing content in a modern way. 

The Museum für Naturkunde (MfN) has an enormous store of digital content in various formats – including 3D models, scanning electron microscopy images, photos, animal sound records, scans of books and a host of digitised objects, artefacts and finds.

The Mediasphere For Nature has arisen from the project „Naturkunde 365/24 – multimediales Applikationslabor des Berliner Naturkundemuseums“ (Multimedia application lab). It aims at establishing close and efficient collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Berlin creative and media industries and the education and tourism sector. This involves the use of knowledge transfer tools and procedures for sharing and integrating data. The efficacy of procedures are evaluated, while innovative products and services that make use of the Museum’s media resources and the expertise of its scientists will be actively encouraged.

Making knowledge transfer user-friendly

We are planning to establish an application lab that consists of three components that have been developed and tested in close collaboration with companies.

A user-friendly research portal with an integrated media repository makes the MfN’s vast collection of digital content accessible and easily searchable.

From the media resources of the Museum, bundles with customised contents and topics are put together to suit the enterprises in question.  

The ProduktTestLab forms the physical component of the application lab where SMEs, scientists and visitors to the Museum meet. It provides the necessary technical equipment to test the prototypes, products and services developed by the SMEs so that they can be tested on visitors or discussed with MfN staff for further optimisation. Options for the further use of such applications and their integration into the in-house infrastructure will be evaluated. In addition, other activities, such as co-working spaces, briefings and workshops will be on offer for SMEs.

Core data

Project duration
October 2016 to September 2019

Project funding