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The object collection of the Historical Divison

Holzmodelle von Walen, angefertigt für Adelbert von Chamisso im 19. Jahrhundert

Holding identifier: OS

Historical Image and Document Collections > Object collections

The following object collections can be found in the Historical Image and Document Collections:

OS 001: models, containing among others model collections of:

  • Leopold und Rudolf Blaschka (1822-1895) / (1857-1939) (Inventory list in German)
  • Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838)
  • Václav Frič (1839–1916)
  • Paul Loth / Rudolf Weisker (model manufactory founded in 1870)
  • Paul Osterloh (1850-1929)
  • Adolf und Friedrich Ziegler (1820-1889) / (1860-1936)                  

OS 002: Technical tools, instruments and utensils

OS 003: Busts and small sculptures

OS 004: Paintings

OS 005: Wall boards