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The archives of the Museum for Naturkunde Berlin hold its Historical Image and Document Collections. It is tasked with making this central research infrastructure publicly accessible and useable. The archival materials provide in many cases the only evidence for the provenance and scientific examination of natural history objects, that to this day comprise a basis for biodiversity sciences. Moreover, the archive engages in and supports collection development and research projects across all collections. These projects examine the history of scientific practices, collections and exhibitions and make legible the role of the Museum für Naturkunde in the context of global histories. With its collection of historical documents, the Museum für Naturkunde holds one of the world’s most significant archives concerning the history of natural sciences with a focus in the areas of biology, geology and palaeontology.

Closely linked with the origin of the scientific collections of the Museum für Naturkunde and its predecessor institutions, the archive contains more than 90.000 files and approx. 20.000 images (about 900 running metres) from more than 200 years of national and international history of science. The various kinds of documents such as correspondences, administration files, object lists, expedition reports and diaries are complemented by teaching materials, maps, drawings, photos and an extensive collection of historical portraits.

As a public archive of the federal state Berlin, the Historical Image and Document Collections is liable to the Berlin Archival Law (14/03/2016).

Appraisal and acquisitions are based on the collection / documentation profile:

Archival holdings

The classification system is subdivided into the following main groups:


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