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Online documentation of the model project "Art/Nature" (2014-18)

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Zelt im Museum

Over a period of four years, the international model project "Art/Nature. Artistic Interventions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin" opened an experimental space for the interactions between contemporary art, museum practice and natural history research. Artists* from the fields of fine arts, sound art and literature explored the museum, its collections and exhibitions. The results were finally published: "Art/Nature. Artistic Interventions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin", edited by Anita Hermannstädter, Edition Braus, Berlin 2019. The following articles of the anthology are online:

The lectures of the conference: Art/Nature. Contemporary Art in Natural History Museums and Collections (26./27.6.2017) can be seen online here:

Film clips, soundfiles and interviews on some of the interventions can be found here: