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Proximity despite distancing: New forms of interpersonal communication in museum spaces (NuForm)

Smartphone zeigt eine Projektion von einem Tourguide im Museum. | Bildquelle: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Myriam Hofmaier

In January 2021, the joint research project NuForm by the Museum für Naturkunde and ART+COM started. For two years, new forms and formats of interpersonal communication will be investigated to expand the exhibition experiences in museums.

Hygiene requirements and social distancing in the context of the Covid19 pandemic pose special challenges for encounters and communication in museum spaces - the NuForm project addresses these challenges. In the course of the pandemic, analog educational and cultural offers were transferred out of necessity and partly reflexively into digital and virtual formats. The NuForm project is now investigating such formats in more detail. The focus of the project is the search for approaches that are not only effective in relation to the crises but are also of lasting relevance. Novel concepts and technologies will be developed, implemented, and evaluated in the context of concrete application scenarios in the Museum für Naturkunde.

In order to expand the museum space, NuForm examines which factors play a decisive role in interpersonal communication and how similarly or differently visitors use analog, digital, and hybrid offers.  The aim is to explore which new possibilities can be opened up by digital and hybrid formats and how these can be transferred into the conception of museum offers.

This research project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.