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Digital World and Information Science

Digital World and Information Science

From 30 Million Collection Objects to Networked Research

Our goal is to establish the Berlin Natural History Museum as an internationally recognized center for interdisciplinary, international, integrated research data management.  Our Research Division offers, based on an open, reliable infrastructure, expertise in innovative, long-term solutions to managing national and international geo- and biodiversity research data. It plays a decisive role in developing interfaces to other technical and social information networks.

We create an open, reliable infrastructure for all Museum staff, and for researchers worldwide, which supports the digital transformation of the Museum.

  • We develop innovative processes and methods for capturing, networking, storing and accessing data so that scientists can successfully carry out internationally important research.
  • We create and test new ideas and workflows for long-term management of research, collections, media and publications data.
  • We realize our goals in cooperation with other divisions of the Museum, and with external partners.