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Science Data Management

Science Data Management

The department Science Data Management is dealing with the challenges of research data management and information supply in multidisciplinary institutions and the consecutive tasks in the Information and Librarian Sciences.

A dedicated focus is the integration of the museum’s heterogeneous data (i.e. collection data) in professional and sustainable systems based on an interoperable data infrastructure.

In addition to the science programme's overarching goals the department pursues the following objectives:

  • Development of a unified data architecture in order to allow an optimized data management at the museum,
  • Development of a strategy for data integration based on the unified data architecture,
  • Standardization of data and data flows by establishment of conventions and data management recommendations in order to allow a facilitated documentation, internal and external data exchange and solid data arching,
  • Analysis, development and establishment of methods for efficient data linkage, (automated) data enrichment and annotation,
  • Preparation and establishment of a strategy for data publication that focusses on research data, data standard and ontologies,
  • Establishment of an optimized publication management at the museum, a strategical further development of the peripheral libraries based on inventory, availability and utilization analyses,
  • Analysis and training of legal basis, directives and needs as well as institutional data policies with the aid of appropriate open standards.