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Nora Lentge-Maaß

Nora Lentge-Maaß
Fax: +49 30 889140 - 8565

Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin


Ph.D. student in the working group Malacozoological Collection

  • since 2012 cooperation in the project "Biodiversity South East Asian freshwater gastropods of the genus Brotia in the Kaek River, central Thailand", Cooperation Project
  • May to October 2013 scientific assistant in the project SAW Fredie
  • May 2010 to May 2013 student assistant in the DFG-project "Phylogeography and phylogeny of Australian freshwater snails (Family: Thiaridae)" together with France Gimnich and under the supervision of PD Dr. Matthias Glaubrecht
  • February to November 2012 Master thesis "Evolutionary systematics of two species in the freshwater gastropod Sermyla (Cerithioidea, Thiaridae): Reconciling morphology and molecular genetics"



November to December 2012 - Kaek River, Phitsanulok Provinz, Thailand. Sampling of freshwater gastropods of the genus Brotia (Cerithioidea, Pachychilidae).

March 2012 - Workshop and sampling trip at the Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. Principle and Practice of Biosystematics and Biodiversity Using Freshwater Molluscs as a Model

September to October 2011 - Northerm Territory and Queensland, Australia. Sampling of freshwater gastropods of the family Thiaride (Cerithioidea).

Publications (Selection)

Maaß, N & Glaubrecht, M 2012. Comparing the reproductive biology of three "marsupial", eu-viviparous gastropods (Cerithioidea, Thiaridae) from drainages of Australia´s monsoonal north. Zoosystematics and Evolution, Vol. 88(2): 293-315.