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Sophie Ewert

  • Tasks

    • Doctoral student in Biology: Bats in an agricultural and semi-natural landscape matrix - with a focus on dry grasslands
    • Acoustic monitoring and analysis of bat activity
    • Field assistant and monitoring of bats and insectivorous bats in INPEDIV


    Integrative analysis of the influence of pesticides and landuse on biodiversity in Germany (INPEDIV)


    Weterings, M. J., Ewert, S. P., Peereboom, J. N., Kuipers, H. J., Kuijper, D. P., Prins, H. H., ... & van Wieren, S. E. (2019). Implications of shared predation for space use in two sympatric leporids. Ecology and evolution, 9(6), 3457-3469