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Frequently asked Questions on Childrens’ Birthday Parties

We receive many enquiries regarding childrens‘ birthday parties held at the Museum. Here is a compilation of the core information and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please note that weekends and autumn and winter dates in particular are often fully booked one to two years ahead.

General Information

Which birthday party programmes are suitable for which age group?

The Childrens‘ birthday programmes were adapted to the age, interest and ability of children from age 5 (dinosaur party or birthday guided tour) or from age 8 (journey into the past, at day or night). Please take note of the age recommendation and the maximum number of participants.

On what days can we celebrate a birthday at the Museum?

Childrens‘ birthday parties can be held from Tuesday to Friday afternoons, beginning at around 15.00, on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning or afternoon. The programme Journey into the Past – at Night is only available on Fridays and Saturdays, beginning between 18.00 and 19.00. The duration of a childrens‘ party is three hours.

One-hour guided birthday tours are available any time during the opening hours of the Museum. The Museum is closed on Mondays.

What should I bring along?

You should bring food and drinks. Food can be either savoury or sweet. You can order drinks, cake or snacks from the Museumscafé .

You don’t have to bring dishes, cutlery and napkins, as the birthday table will be set by us. Little gifts for your guests (game prizes) will also be provided by us for all children. You can, of course, bring extra prizes if you want to.

Why can’t the Museum für Naturkunde offer more birthday parties?

We have currently 450 birthday children every year, celebrating their birthdays with their friends at our Museum. Although demand remains high, we have no extra rooms available and can therefore not offer more parties.


Is it possible to celebrate children’s birthday parties in other museums?

You will find an overview of childrens‘ birthday parties in Berlin’s museums on the Jugend im Museum website.

Booking a party

How can I book a childrens‘ birthday party?

You can book a childrens’ birthday party by email at

Your query should include the following:

  • Chosen party programme (dinosaurs party, journey into the past, journey into the past - at Night, birthday tour)
  • Date and time (plus at least two alternative dates)
  • Name and postal address of the birthday child
  • Age of the child at the time of the party
  • Your name, phone number and email address
  • Any special wishes or requirements

If you want to book by phone, please consult our Booking information.

When should I book?

Due to high demand, we recommend to book as early as possible. Weekends and autumn and winter dates in particular are often fully booked one to two years ahead. Please note that prices may change in the meantime.

How do I cancel a booked date?

We currently don’t charge you if you have to cancel. However, we would ask you to let us know in time, either by phone or email, if you cannot come on the booked date. This will save an extra journey for a member of staff, and we will be able to book another party on that date.

Childrens‘ birthday parties are organised by freelancers who are booked for specific dates and are paid a cancellation fee if the event does not take place. By cancelling in time, you help keeping the costs for childrens‘ birthday parties down and enable us to run the booking process as smoothly and non-bureaucratically as possible.

Getting there

Which is the best route to the Museum?

Although parking at the Museum is limited, public transport connections are very good – via the Underground station Naturkundemuseum. More detailed information on how to get to the Museum can be found here.

How do I pay?

You can pay at the Museum’s box office – either by cash or debit card. We do not accept payment in advance and do not send invoices. The info counter at the entrance of the Museum is the meeting point, where a staff member – your host for the day – will welcome you. Please arrive in good time, allowing an extra 10-15 min for buying tickets.

Journey into the Past - at Night: Meet at the right side entrance of the Museum. You can pay the member of staff directly in cash.

Can I take food to the Museum ahead of the party?

If needed, it can be arranged for you to deliver a birthday cake to the Education Department a few hours in advance. Our cold storage capacities, however, are limited.

Can I and should I be present at the birthday party?

Although our childrens‘ birthday programmes are led and accompanied by a member of our education services at all times, you remain responsible for the supervision of all children. For this reason alone, we would ask you to stay with the party throughout.

Where can parents pick up their children at the Museum after the party?

If the party ends before or at 18.00, the children will be escorted to the box office. If the party ends later, they will be escorted to the right side entrance, where they can be picked up. We hope you and, above all, the birthday child and guests will have an amazing day at our Museum!

We wish you and especially all birthday children and their guests a wonderful day in our Museum!