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Jurassic Adventure Box

Die geöffnete Jura-Abenteuerbox inklusive Inhalt |Bildquelle: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

The Jurassic Adventure Box is a case that schools and kindergartens can receive on loan. The box contains everything children between age 5 and 10 need for a scientific excavation and identification of fossils: 15 different fossils, tools, identification charts and a large picture showing the plants and animals of the period. By playing, children will familiarise themselves with a Jurassic environment and habitat. The Jurassic Adventure Box can be used anywhere where there is a sandpit.

The adventure box is on loan for free from the Museum.
Jurassic Adventure Box Brochure (in German): jura-abenteuerbox.pdf

Size of the box: 58,5 cm length, 38,5 width, 32 cm height. Approx. 8 kg. The box is now also available in an easy-to-carry backpack variant.

A project with the Freunde und Förderer des Museums für Naturkunde e. V..