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Sat / 15.08.2020 / 11:00 to Sun / 16.08.2020 / 15:30
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Increasingly, the media is talking about "genome editing", "CRISPR/Cas9" as the so-called "gene scissors", "synthetic biology", "genetically modified organisms" and "biohacking". In biotechnologies, various processes and procedures are being developed to modify or recreate organisms and biological systems. This raises a number of ethical and political questions. In the zine workshop we want to deal with this question creatively: How and to what extent should biotechnologies be used for the development of a bioeconomy? How strong is the influence that biotechnologies have on nature? What opportunities and risks are associated with this?

Zines - derived from magazines - are small, handmade and self-photocopied publications. This makes them an uncomplicated medium to visualize, duplicate and share ideas with others. Each participant will produce a zine. Own ideas can be implemented, but there will also be concrete suggestions for topics. During the workshop, you will also become an author, editor and publisher of your own content!

This event is part of the [bio'nd] project on the occasion of the Science Year 2020|21 for bioeconomy, which is being realized at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in cooperation with the IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment and Ellery Studio.


Event information

  • Topic: [bio’nd] Nature. How we (will) reshape the world with biotechnologies.
  • with Sheree Domingo, illustrator at Ellery Studio and an input from Dr. Julia Diekämper, research associate at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
  • The workshop takes place on two dates in the museum (Experimental Field). You will receive free admission on both dates. The health and safety instructions apply.
  • Registration (until 9 August): Binding registration incl. contact data (first and last name, telephone number and complete address or e-mail address) for the whole workshop by mail to
  • Costs: The participation is free of charge.
  • For adults and young people aged 16 and over.
  • Some handicraft materials will be made available to you. Please also bring your own materials (sketchbooks, pens, stamps, magazines, etc.) if required.
  • Event in German



  • Workshop with two dates: 15 and 16 August, each 11 - 15:30 (incl. 30 minutes break)
  • 1. date (15 August): Thematic introduction, drawing exercises and idea development
  • 2. date (16 August): Implementation of the ideas and production of the zines


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