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Call for Papers (workshop): Participatory Transcription Projects in Museums, Archives, Libraries - A Practical Exchange of Experience, 28 and 29 October 2021

Call for papers - Bild

Historical documents from the archives of the Museum of Natural History (MfN, HBSB, ZM B XV/00229).

Deadline: 18 June 2021 (extended until 30.6.2021)

In recent years, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has initiated various digital and analog projects in which, with the help of participatory approaches, written materials and the like have been transcribed. With the help of participatory approaches, written material and similar materials from the Historical Research Unit and the museum's collection have been transcribed and made accessible. Examples of this are the project Bees and Bytes or the Transcription Workshop in the Experimental Field.

We would like to enter into an open discourse with transcription projects of other museums, archives, and libraries in the German-speaking world with an online workshop on 28/29 October 2021, and discuss the strategic setup, implementation, and further development of such projects. Our goal is to initiate a workflow-oriented exchange of experiences that will lay the foundation for further collaboration between the projects.

The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to the complex of "Transcription Projects as Citizen Science Formats". In addition to project presentations, contributions from Citizens Scientists themselves are particularly welcome. The second day will deal with the technical implementation (tools and platforms), the sustainable use of the data and the necessary infrastructure. On both days, the exchange will take place in the common plenum and in the form of small group work in breakout rooms. Abstracts can be submitted for the following topics:

1. Transcription projects as a Citizen Science format

  •  What strategies are used to reach the target audience and how successful are they?
  •  How to continuously motivate and retain participants* to the project? How is it possible to build a community?
  • What added value is generated for the participants? How is the work rewarded and made visible?
  • Field reports from scientists and/or citizen scientists on the advantages and disadvantages of analog vs. digital and participatory vs. internal transcription projects.

2. Technology, infrastructure and sustainable use

  • What are the requirements for platforms and tools? Which platforms and tools were selected and why?
  • Usage (administration of projects, range of functions, interface for participants, export options, etc.), advantages and disadvantages
  • Data management (data models, interfaces to existing data infrastructure, version management, user management, project data), advantages and disadvantages
  • Which methods and applications from the field of artificial intelligence can be used for planning, execution and follow-up of transcriptions?
  •     What are the necessary technical and infrastructural requirements for post-processing and further utilization of transcripts? (Conditions for scientific publication of data, sustainable use in databases, data linkage with archival documents and objects)
  • Dealing with annotations (location information, personal information, glossaries)
  • Working with different versions/correction loops: How to reduce the effort through automatisms (like double key transcription), how to manage the different versions of transcripts?

The event will take place exclusively online. The primary language of the event is German, so abstracts should be submitted in German and papers should also be presented in German. In justified cases, contributions may also be submitted and presented in English.

For a 15-minute paper, please submit an abstract of max. 500 words. In addition to the title and information on the speakers (max. 3), the abstract should also clearly indicate the assignment to at least one of the above-mentioned topics. Abstracts can be submitted until 18 June 2021, 23:59 CET (extended until 30.6.2021) exclusively via this formular only.

Contact for content-related inquiries:

A link to register for participation in the workshop without an own presentation will be activated from 16.8.2021.

An event of the project Access, Innovation, Networking in the framework of the Future Plan and the Transcription Workshop of the Historical Research Unit of the Museum of Natural History – Leibniz Institute for Research on Evolution and Biodiversity, funded by the Leibniz Research Museums Action Plan.