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Citizen Science

Insektensammeln in Parkanlage beim Bioblitz mit dem Orion Verein, Foto: (c) Carola Radke

There are opportunities for everybody to support the work of scientists and create new knowledge, be it by collecting midges, watching the sky at night or describing works of art. Citizens become part of the research process and, depending on the kind of participation, play an active part, satisfy their own curiosity and, above all, have plenty of fun in helping research.

On this webpage, we introduce ways of:

  • Becoming involved in research in a specialist area
  • Working as a volunteer in the Museum
  • Researching citizen science projects

Building on a long tradition of volunteer research, the inclusion of citizens is becoming increasingly significant. As part of the project Citizens Create Knowledge (Bürger schaffen Wissen), we support participants in their networking activities and help raise their profile, as well as looking at concrete questions in connection with the implementation of citizen science projects, e.g. managing data or feedback for participants, and epistemological questions regarding changes in the relationship between science, society and politics. We are also building an international network of competence in the shape of the European Citizen Science Association – ECSA.