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Postcards Collaboration | Writing Workshop January 2021

Postkarten-Kollaboration Schreibwerkstatt Januar 2021

In the course of the Digital Writing Workshop in January 2021, writing trainer Jana Franke initiated an analogue postcard collaboration alongside creative writing. The participants creatively explored the topic of the course and worked together on a creative project across regions.

The beginner cards seen above were sent by post to the participants for further work on them. Each envelope contained the address of another participant to whom the card was sent after it had been completed. Three persons each worked on one of the postcards and completed the work of the other participants. Here we present the results:

  • "Geschichten" - Jana Franke, c.bernitz, Cornelia Schindler
  • "glücklich" - Jana Franke, Victoria, Suzan Kizilirmak
  • "heiter" - Jana Franke, Suzan Kizilirmak, Carmen Winter
  • "magisch" - Jana Franke, Cornelia Schindler, R. Steinle
  • "Naturkunde" - Jana Franke, Carmen Winter, Victoria
  • "Robo | Bild 1" - Jana Franke, Cornelia Brandt, P. Michaely
  • "Robo | Bild 2" - Jana Franke, Cornelia Brandt, P. Michaely
  • "Schreib" - Jana Franke, R. Steinle, c.bernitz
  • "Tiefsee" - Jana Frank, Kathrin Rosi Würtz, Cornelia Brandt
  • "WisO" - Jana Franke, P. Michaely, Kathrin Rosi Würtz

Some of the participants also documented the working process on film: