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First Science Podcast Festival at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

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Logo of the podcast called Beats and Bones from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Press release,

Never before: The first Science Podcast Festival takes place on Friday, 22 September from 6.30 pm to 1.30 am at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Listeners, scientists, hosts and editors will meet here. Guided by Giraffatitan and Tristan Otto, there will be a fulfilling programme for ears, heart and brain on two stages!

"We are delighted that so many top-class podcasters have accepted our invitation," says Johannes Vogel, General Director of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin , "together, we want to inspire people about science - and in a fascinating place that stands for nature and dialogue with society."

Together with Auf die Ohren, we invite the podcasts with the widest reach in the industry to an evening of live podcasts from the world of science. Included are:

Der rest ist Geschichte (Deutschlandfunk): About the history of alcohol - from wild parties in antiquity to medicinal schnapps in the Middle Ages. Host Jörg Biesler talks about these topics with historian Hasso Spode.

Synapsen – der Wissenschaftspodcast (NDR): About science communication in podcasts

Aha! Zehn Minuten alltags-Wissen – WELT: We humans hide our bodies under clothes and hide during sex. Shame is deeply human. Not so with our common ancestors, because apes still like to put their genitals on display.

Deep Science (Deutschlandfunk): Emotions and science: How much emotion is allowed in science storytelling, what is too much? What can you achieve with it?

Quark's Science Cops (WDR): Max & Jonathan give the audience exclusive instructions on how to successfully launch a pseudoscientific product yourself in just 7 steps! How can you give an ineffective "miracle cure" a scientific veneer and convince people of its effectiveness? The Science Cops also show how you can protect yourself from the tricks.

Hörsaal (Deutschlandfunk Nova): Democracy in Germany? On trust in democracy and the limits of the law. It is moderated by Katja Weber, guest is Michaela Hailbronner.

Geschichte Daily (SZ): An interactive History Daily quiz in which short scenes from the podcast are narrated - but what happens next in the story?

SWR2 Wissen: Host Julia Nestlen and Linguist Simon Meier-Vieracker speak about the language in football.

The headliner of the evening is the award-winning podcast of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Beats & Bones. From dinosaurs to snails, from meteorites to monster wasps - in this podcast the doors of the collection and laboratories are opened. Researchers give interesting, profound and often surprising insights into their work at this so special place of work. On the festival evening, bat specialist Prof. Dr. Mirjam Knörnschild and vertebrate palaeontologist Prof. Nadia Fröbisch will be live.

Knowledge can be deepened in an interactive workshop area. Research projects of the museum will also be presented here.

Afterwards, the party continues in the Sauriersaal to a DJ set by coramøøn. Food trucks and drinks from Humboldt Gin will provide culinary delights.

Tickets for the event are available via the provider Eventim.