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Press information, 08.06.2020

On Sunday, 14.06.2020, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin opens with free admission from 10:00 am to - 6:00 pm. The highlights of the exhibition await visitors: dinosaurs Giraffatitan brancai, the biodiversity wall with more than 3000 different species of animals, polar bear Knut, gorilla Bobby and other masterpieces of taxidermy art, fascinating minerals and meteorites. One of the coolest places in Berlin also invites you to stay: the Wet Collection with 276,000 glasses and a million animals. Fish and reptiles can be discovered and researched on the visitors' tour at a pleasant 18 degrees Celsius. From July onwards, the Sundays with no admission fees are regularly held on the first Sunday of the month.

"With the free Sundays in 2020, we want to get even more Berliners excited about nature", says Director General Johannes Vogel and expressly thanks the Chamber of Deputies for its repeated support. "To deepen your knowledge, as a preparation and follow-up of the visit, I recommend our digital offers, for example our exciting guided tours as a digital voyage of discovery".

It is necessary to book a free ticket for a time slot (10:00 am - 2:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm). The rules of protection and hygiene must be observed. Further information and the link to the ticket booking can be found on the homepage:

In addition to visiting the exhibitions, there are numerous digital formats and also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and now on TikTok we take you behind the scenes of the exhibition, collection and research.