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Legged! The new show by Glitzern & Denken

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Press release,

Curtains up for six legs! Insects are the new stars at Glitzern & Denken, the science variety show at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Under the title Legged! butterflies, wasps and beetles will share the stage with musicians, artists and scientists from November 2 to 4, 2021. The show will be livestreamed on the museum's YouTube channel and offers an entertaining look at the museum's current research and extensive insect collection. The project Glitzern & Denken is carried out by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin together with the Ensemble Salon Fähig and Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) and is funded by the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.

Insects are the most diverse and species-rich group of animals in the world. Glitzern & Denken takes a comprehensive look at the topic: How are insects anatomically structured? What influence do they have on art, literature and the history of science? And last but not least, why are insects currently threatened worldwide and what impact does this have on humanity and our planet?

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has set itself the goal of opening up its research and collection to society. Glitzern & Denken combines art with science and underground with high culture. Music, artistry and storytelling enter into a creative dialogue with science. In this project, artists and scientists work together to develop evening shows that take an entertaining look at scientific topics. In this way, a space is created in which people from different backgrounds talk about science at eye level. The focus: fascination and curiosity for nature.

The artists of Ensemble Salon Fähig promise numerous highlights again this year. In addition to the artistic director Ines Theileis, the artist Philip Golle and the band of the Ensemble Salon Fähig will be on stage. We also welcome Stefanie Krause, Collection Manager Entomology (Hymenoptera and Neuropterida) and Dr. Théo Léger, Scientific Head of the Collection Lepidoptera and Trichoptera (butterflies, moths and caddiesflies).

All dates can be found in the events calendar. The shows will be livestreamed on YouTube. Click here to go directly to the streams:

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Unfortunately, due to pandemic safety and hygiene requirements, only a greatly reduced number of visitors will be able to attend the show on site. Journalists can be accredited for a live visit.