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Museum für Naturkunde Berlin closes exhibition

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Press release,

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin supports the efforts to contain the Corona pandemic. Protecting our visitors and staff is our top priority. In order not to put additional strain on our scarce testing capacities, we have therefore decided to close the exhibitions from 1 April 2021 until further notice.

Even though there is currently no possibility to view the originals in the exhibition, you can stay in contact with the museum. With  #fürNatur digital, the museum and its collection of 30 million objects can be experienced online to inspire enthusiasm for nature and allow all interested parties to participate in research activities. We are continuously expanding our digital offering - from the smartphone app Naturblick, to the 11-language barrier-free digital guide, the YouTube series #Wissenswert, to the podcasts "Beats & Bones" and "Süßes oder Saurier".