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Science opens up: Museum podcast "Beats & Bones"

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Press release, 12-08-2020

Listen to the beat of science: The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin launches the podcast "Beats & Bones" on August 23, 2020. The museum opens doors to the collection and research laboratories that are otherwise closed. Experts talk about everything from bees to Tyrannosaurus rex from the realm of nature.

Who knows that our earliest ancestors were jawless fish 480 million years old? What is the Achilles heel of Tyrannosaurus rex? In the podcast "Beats & Bones", which is being produced as part of the cooperation with the Berliner Sparkasse, nature experts from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin will give an exclusive look behind the scenes: in collection halls with 30 million objects and in ultra-modern research laboratories. They answer questions about the diversity of nature, evolution, the formation of the earth, climate change and insect extinction.

"Nature to hear and a science that opens up: With 'Beats & Bones' we show that nature is the purest crime thriller and that sex is more exciting in ferns than in any bedroom," says Johannes Vogel, General Director. "With the podcast we open our research museum via headphones, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Science communication can be sexy. And it's indispensable for leading the discussion on climate change and species extinction. It's about nothing less than saving the Earth for us humans."

The podcast "Beats & Bones" follows the goal that Berliner Sparkasse and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin have set themselves jointly. "Our cooperation makes you curious about nature. To satisfy this curiosity, listeners can ask their questions via the social media channels of Berliner Sparkasse and the most frequently asked questions are answered in the podcast and on our channels. Because: 'Knowledge creates insight'," says Kai-Uwe Peter, Managing Director of Berliner Sparkasse.  This podcast is produced by the Berlin audio production company Auf die Ohren.

The first season with ten episodes will appear every 14 days on Sundays. "Beats & Bones" will be available from 23 August on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and everywhere else where podcasts are available - even on the museum website.

"For me as the host of the podcast, it's like getting private lessons from 380 experts from the museum. I can get rid of my questions and knowledge grows in me and a greater awareness of what surrounds us all: Nature in relation to me as a human being. The conversations feel as easy as a day at the lake in Brandenburg", says Lukas Klaschinski, moderator.

The podcast "Beats & Bones" complements the museum's series of events of the same name, which started in January with the farewell weekend of T. rex Tristan Otto. 25,000 people came within three days, the lines were longer than at Berghain. The guests danced exuberantly to deep house beats under the dinosaur skeletons: Beats merged with bones and science with entertainment. On Facebook a visitor wrote: "You bring together science, youth, culture & art. […]. You are going new ways and have understood social media and Berlin. We have experienced so much diversity, respect and tolerance in one place under your roof today, it was unprecedented. There was dancing, laughter and most of all talking. Hats off & more of the same please." At the latest after the "Beats & Bones" party it was clear: Science and danceable Berlin beats go together and both are now available in the museum podcast. There will also be digital events and live guided tours with the experts.


The first five episodes

1. Saving the world, no less. With Johannes Vogel, Director General.
2. Animal sex. With Mathias Zilch, biologist.
3. Bone job dinosaur. With Dr. Daniela Schwarz, paleontologist.
4. dissection: Make-up for eternity. With Christin Scheinpflug and Jan Panniger, taxidermists.
5. I will survive: Die without insects. With Jody Voges, biologist, and Frederik Berger, scientific director of collection digitization.


About the partners

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) has real dinosaurs and researches their life. As an excellent and integrated research museum of the Leibniz Association it has even more to offer: About 30 million objects from nature. From male fish that bite their females forever (!), to halls full of birds, to 4,000-year-old insects from Egyptian mummy graves. The team of the museum knows with the sex life of the animal world. But not only that. Nowhere is the knowledge about the past of our earth and thus about its future more concentrated than in the museum. Around 200 researchers work here, who are experts in the fields of zoology, palaeontology, geology and mineralogy.

In the middle of the capital, there are perhaps more cabinets on thousands of square metres than in the nearest Ikea. 70 percent of them are not accessible to visitors. Thousands of shelves and hundreds of glass display cases contain the craziest stories alongside millions of insects, mammals, fish, minerals and fossils. Exploring the earth and life is the museum's mission, moving people for nature, its vision. For this plan, the Museum has received a total of 660 million euros from the Federal Government and the State of Berlin in 2018. A successful pitch that will lead to the creation of a science campus for nature and society over the next ten years. A meeting place for science, society and politics to discuss the future of mankind on the basis of science. Further information

The cooperation "Wissen schafft Durchblick": Berliner Sparkasse and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin have started a five-year cooperation in 2019. The common goal: to provide broad sections of the population with an overview of scientific and economic topics - because that is the motto of the cooperation projects. In addition to the podcast "Beats & Bones", there is the event series "Science in the Dinosaur Room" and the Festival of Lights. Further information

The host, Lukas Klaschinski. Whether on TV, on the radio, in web formats and at events: authentic stories are his passion. In his audio series 180 degrees he encounters people with an unusual way of life. In his reportages he keeps a magnifying glass on social phenomena. Not only does he have a successful podcast himself, he also produces podcasts with his production company Auf die Ohren GmbH and organises podcast festivals. He studied psychology and comes from Berlin. Further information

Project management: Allyne Hartmann and Stefanie Krzyzniewski
Idea and concept: Allyne Hartmann, Stefanie Krzyzniewski, Carmen Schucker
Host: Lukas Klaschinski
Editors: Teresa Nehm and Carmen Schucker
Editing: Joscha Grunewald
Production: Auf die Ohren GmbH
Sound design: Sebastian Grimberg
Illustration: Sarah Heuzeroth

The podcast is being produced as part of the "Wissen schafft Durchblick" cooperation with Berliner Sparkasse.


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