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Netzwerk Naturwissen projects

In der Ausstellung vor der Biodiversitätswand ist ein Gruppentisch mit einer Stehlampe aufgebaut. Mitglieder des Netzwerks kommen hier miteinander ins Gespräch.

Climate change, species extinction or biodiversity loss: It has become obvious that the challenges of the present cannot be overcome alone. A comprehensive picture unquestionably requires a multitude of perspectives. The Museum für Naturkunde with its "Netzwerk Naturwissen" (Network of Nature Knowledge) is the venue for a collaboration with partners from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Over the course of the year, a number of inspiring project ideas have already emerged together with our networkers. We are pleased to be able to present them to you here.


Finding your nature through food

The way we produce food and feed ourselves has far-reaching effects on both us and our planet. Our actions can destroy habitats or create diverse cultural landscapes with ecosystem services. Our eating habits and the rituals associated with them are closely interwoven with our culture. Food forms a link between all living beings and meals serve as a means of exchange and knowledge transfer.


The sustainable use of resources in agriculture, forestry and fisheries is crucial for environmental protection and food security. However, different views on the optimal use of the landscape can lead to conflicts. Constructive dialog is therefore necessary to find solutions that protect biodiversity and the landscape. It is becoming increasingly clear that we need to rethink our food system in terms of the ecosystem services provided by landscapes. With this in mind, we want to work together to find ways and develop strategies to make our landscape and food system fit for the future.


As part of the project, a series of workshops was created in which the topic of species extinction is to be presented at the interface with anthropocentrism, racism and patriarchal social order. The aim is to reorient nature education discourses in a diversity-critical and decolonizing way.

Spiel des Lebens

In recent years, numerous board games have been published that focus on evolution and Darwin's journeys. A fantastic opportunity to discuss not only the course of life, but also the "principle of chance" - and what we can still learn from such trends.

Petrified Times: Energizing Past Futures

The Anthropocene not only represents the age of the Anthropos, it is also potentially the last epoch of Homo sapiens: the expansive and extractivist capitalist economy is not only destroying nature on an unprecedented scale, it is also destroying the basis of life in human societies; the sixth mass extinction could therefore also affect the human species.

User Lab

How do we experience natural knowledge in our environment? How can we listen to people who are interested in nature knowledge? What offers are they looking for? 
The starting point is speculative objects that have been created through the fusion of design, art and technology in the network and that report on knowledge of nature. By engaging with speculative materials such as soundscapes, objects or fictitious species, we invite people to develop, tell and visualize stories together, also in order to find out what needs are formative in the face of the big questions of our time.