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Dominik Eulberg: Ambassador for nature

Bild von Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg is a techno DJ, author, producer and biologist who has managed to combine his two lifelong passions – music and nature. A passionate conservationist, ornithologist and NABU bat ambassador, Dominik Eulberg is a guest scientist and ambassador "for nature" at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

An ambassador for nature

Dominik Eulberg develops and accompanies a variety of projects at the Museum für Naturkunde (MfN), both musically and scientifically. He composed the soundtrack for various events and videos at the MfN as well as accompanying the evening with his music. For example, the collaboration with the project "The nightingale project" resulted in the sound installation "Synthigall" or in cooperation with United We Stream and the MfN "The Sound of Biodiversity". Together with Dominik Eulberg and our scientist Kim Mortega, a livestream was produced at the MfN dedicated to the understanding between science, nature conservation and club culture.

Dominik Eulberg's passion, his commitment to nature and species conservation, is particularly evident on joint excursions. Together with the MfN's Citizen Science projects, Eulberg accompanies groups of interested visitors into nature. The importance of nature and the protection of biodiversity are particularly close to his heart.

The intention of his transdisciplinary approach is to reach out to our fellow human beings in an emotionally positive way, to reactivate childlike marvel in order to make a difference, because we only protect what we love. Then sentient minorities become majorities that change something. Art and culture are low-threshold and fun vectors to make things majority-friendly. They are a rich and valuable breeding ground to sensitize people outside the eco-bubble and to turn their environment into a co-environment again.

Current projects

His latest project, "Tönende Tiere", draws on the MfN's animal voice archive. In the accompanying book, Dominik Eulberg and the artist Matthias Garff present fifty animal species that show the entire acoustic breadth of the local fauna – from birds to butterflies as well as rodents. Eulberg brings the pages to life with his astonishing texts, combines them with specially composed pieces and thus gives the animals an instrument – illustrated by Garff's impressive animal sculptures made of everyday objects. Based on the book, an educational programme is to be developed at the MfN, which will also include participatory research approaches.