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Ask the object

Which questions would you ask objects from our collection if they could speak?

From the 21st January to mid-February 2020, we displayed seven objects that are normally in the research collection and are not part of the exhibition in the museum's experimental area. Together with you, we wanted to find out what new stories these objects could tell in future exhibitions.

To do this, you simply asked us the questions that came to your mind when looking at the objects on site or at Instagram.  We forwarded the most exciting and frequently asked questions to our experts and now we are ready to proudly present the results to you.

Note: If you can't see everything clearly, zoom in closer! On the mobile phone you can simply do so by using the touch function. On the computer you can hold down CTRL on your keyboard and zoom in with the mouse wheel.


Dreilappkrebs  /  Trilobite

Hirscheber  /  Pig-deer

Seelilie  /  Sea lily

Honecker-Languste  /  Honecker-Lobster

Kaiserskorpion  /  Emperor Scorpion

Handschuh aus Byssusfäden  /  Glove made of byssus threads

Zwergdommel  /  Little Bittern


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