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[bio'nd] Prospects for biobased futures.

The Science Year 2020|21 is dedicated to the "bioeconomy". The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, together with the IZT - Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment and the strategy agency Ellery Studio, is therefore organising various events to facilitate an exchange on sustainable, bio-based forms of economy and living. The Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science provides the framework.

Eight - partly virtual - events are planned in the Museum für Naturkunde. These include already known formats, such as the Science Communication Coffee, the Zine-Workshop, the Writing Workshop and a film evening, but also new and innovative formats, such as a World Café and the format Speculative Futures. The project starts the series of events on 5 May with a first dialogue event and ends with a grand finissage. These dialogue-oriented event formats will give rise to a multimedia exhibition, which will be curated by Ellery Studio both in the museum and on its own website.

The new, open format for the Science Year shows: The future of the "bio-economy" can be shaped, but this raises technological and social questions: Will the chemical industry change its raw material base from crude oil to renewable resources? Will bioplastics solve the plastics problem? Will we dress ourselves with textiles that are produced using biotechnology? Will we eat meat substitutes that are produced in bioreactors? Can the bio-economy ultimately be a sustainable form of future economic activity?

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