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Eine Frau sitzt am Mikroskop und zeichnet die vergrößerte Ansicht auf Papier. | Bildquelle: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Alongside guided tours and a range of events, the Museum has a variety of further programmes for adults. Please note the current dates in our event calendar. Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include admission.

Unfortunately, on-site educational programmes are currently not available at the museum.

Art Workshops

Art workshops for beginners and advanced individuals in collaboration with Berlin’s Volkshochschulen (adult education centres)

Drawing at the Museum für Naturkunde

Finding motifs and drawing in the enticing and well-nigh inexhaustible collections of the Museum. Giraffatitan, Pterodactylus, the Tasmanian Tiger and many other exhibits inspire artists and capture their imagination – whether they prefer a naturalist, fantasy-driven or abstract approach. All techniques on paper can be used. On demand, small etchings can be made and printed in our workshop. Please bring your own paper and pencils.  

Nude drawing at the Museum für Naturkunde

Once the Museum has closed its gates, there is a special, very quiet atmosphere in the exhibition galleries. The encounter with the large exhibits inspires the most exciting drawings.

The animal inside me – Weekend Workshop

Skeletons and taxidermies, hides, horns and scales, carapaces and feathers, as well as display cabinets, vials, and magnifying glasses all speak to the artistic mind. This workshop is going to explore our infatuation with nature and especially our relationship to animals, using artistic forms of expression. The course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced hobby artists. Please bring a sketch pad and/or a drawing board, as well as colour pencils, graphite pencils and possibly a camera. Further material will be provided.