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Kindergarten and School

Schülergruppe im Sauriersaal

Children from age 5 and teenagers of all class levels can explore the world of science in guided tours and microscopy classes. Here is an overview of further programmes and workshops on offer.

Kindergarten & Primary School

Nature & art – guided tour and making masks

In the dinosaur hall, the children get to know the over 13-metre-high Brachiosaurus and many other dinosaurs, such as carnivore Allosaurus or the spine-studded Kentrosaurus. After the tour, the children make dinosaur masks so that they can act out being a dinosaur.

Nature & art – guided tour and fossil-casting

What are fossils and how were they formed? This guided tour introduces children to unusual animals such as ammonites, trilobites, as well as dinosaurs and pterosaurs. After the tour, they can make their own plaster cast of an original fossil.

Journey into the Past – a Project about Fossils and Dinosaurs

This school project teaches pupils interesting facts about dinosaurs, fossils and the methods used by palaeontologists. They take part in an “excavation” and take a cast of a fossil.

  • children from age 8 (max. 20 participants)
  • €5.00 (plus admission) for 90 min

Jurassic Adventure Box

A project by the Freunde und Förderer e. V. des Museums für Naturkunde in cooperation with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – The Jurassic Adventure Box is a case that schools and kindergartens can receive on loan. The box contains everything children between age 4 and 12 need for a scientific excavation and identification of fossils: 15 different fossils, tools, identification charts and a large picture showing the plants and animals of the period.
By playing, children will familiarise themselves with a Jurassic environment and habitat. The Jurassic Adventure Box can be used anywhere where there is a sandpit. There is material for a maximum of twelve scientists and it is suitable for kindergartens, primary schools and all sorts of childrens‘ parties.
The adventure box is on loan for free from the Museum or the Freunde und Förderer e. V. des Museums für Naturkunde.
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Size of the box: 58,5 cm length, 38,5 width, 32 cm height. Approx. 8 kg.

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Secondary School

Workshop for Schools "Protection of Species"

When customs officers check the luggage of tourists in our airports, they still find many souvenirs that come from endangered species and must be confiscated. In this workshop, pupils from age 13 learn which species are most frequently affected and why they must be protected. This is followed by a role play where pupils play the parts of tourists and customs officers to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge of species protection. The project makes use of the WWF Conservation Suitcase.

  • children and young adults age 12-14 (max. 25 people)
  • €5.00  (plus admission) for 90 min
  • workshop in German

Workshop “Human Evolution”

The evolution of humans has a particular fascination for most people. The tree of life of humans is redrawn nearly every year. In this workshop, pupils compare the casts of skulls of various representatives of the genera Australopithecus and Homo and learn to recognise the characteristics by which they differ. The course includes an approximately 30-minute introduction to the evolution of humans. It is, however, recommended that the subject be treated at school in advance.

  • teenagers from age 15 (max. 25 participants)
  • €5.00 (plus admission) for 120 min
  • workshop in German

Please let us know at the time of booking what previous knowledge of the topic the pupils have.