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Live Talks "Diverse Science"

Dr. Ro Jefferson

At the Live Talks "Diverse Science" we will show the diversity that has always existed in research. Researchers from different disciplines and institutions present their research, talk about their life's journey and share a biographical topic of their choice with the participants. A moderator accompanies the discussion.

This evening we have Dr. Ro Jefferson (NORDITA, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) as our guest and we will talk about Physics, information theory and machine learning.

Ro is a non-binary theoretical physicist who finds themself transgressing both gender and academic categories. Their research explores a diverse range of topics from black holes to machine learning, and they enjoy applying ideas from one field to answer questions in another. 

As an openly transgender scientist, they hope to raise awareness and visibility for gender minorities, and are concerned with cultivating a more inclusive culture for women as well as trans/non-binary people in STEM fields.

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An event of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, realized within the context of the Action Plan of the Leibniz Research Museums under the motto "A World in Motion".