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Glitzern & Denken – das Wissenschaftsvarieté

The scientific variety show Glitzern & Denken combines art with science and underground with high culture. We want to promote the dialogue between culture, science and society. Therefore, the varieté is jointly developed by artists and scientists.

In the atmosphere of a variety evening event, new ways of speaking are experimented with, which are intended to break down existing barriers between art and science. "Glitzern & Denken" creates a salon within the museum: a space where people from different backgrounds can talk about science at eye level. Fascination and curiosity for nature are the focus of attention.

The Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science provides the framework. In an accompanying research project, the knowledge gained from the events is made available for art and science.

The project Glitzern & Denken – das Wissenschaftsvarieté im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin started in December 2019 and is scheduled to run for three years. Project partners are the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, the Ensemble Salon Fähig and Wissenschaft im Dialog. The project is funded by the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.


The project is accompanied on a blog (mostly in German) that offers an exclusive look behind the scenes and shows how the scientific variety shows is created. The participating artists and scientists will be introduced as well as the topics they deal with.

Slimy! shows

Our shows with the theme "Slimy!" are dedicated to the tribe of molluscs in a musical, quirky and eloquent way. On 8, 10 and 11 November 2020, our shows took place in alivestream on YouTube and Facebook, where you could learn new and bizarre things about snails, mussels and squid. Here are two recordings:

Night of Stories

The first elements of the project were tested during the Night of Stories on 24 January 2020.