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Easter holidays at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

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Brachiosaurus  und Familie
Press release, 27-03-2023

Holiday atmosphere at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. This year we are offering a wide range of bilingual activities - for young and old explorers alike. We look forward to seeing you!

Activity desk in the dinosaur hall
Dinosaur excrement, ammonites, minerals - these are just some of the objects that can be microscoped at an activity stand in the exhibitions. Younger children can also take part in the "Look closely" search game.

Every Tue, Wed and Fri from 11.00 AM -14.00 PM during the Easter holidays in the Sauriersaal

(4,5,7,11,12 and 14.4.)

Open museum studio in the microscopy centre
Colourful butterflies, impressive bird wings, the cast of a dinosaur jaw, ancient fossils - in the open museum studio the objects are not behind glass but on the hand, in front of the nose and under the microscope.
The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin invites you to discover interesting, mysterious, beautiful and surprising museum objects with your hands, to explore them under the microscope and finally to sharpen your own eye by drawing with a pencil. See the world with different eyes!

Every Tue, Wed and Fri from 12.30 PM -15.30 PM during the Easter holidays in the Microscopy Centre.

(4,5,7,11,12 and 14.4.)

Family tour "Dinosaurs!"
On this guided tour of the special exhibition Dinosaurs!, museum visitors aged 5 and over can get to know various dinosaurs from three geological eras, such as the impressive T.rex Tristan Otto, the 13-metre-high Giraffatitan and the world's most famous fossil - Archaeopteryx.

Every Sat. and Sun. 12.30 PM and 14.00 PM  during the Easter holidays from 12.30 -15.30 PM in the microscopy centre, there are no guided tours on the free museum Sunday
for children from 5 years, youths and adults; costs: 5,00 € / reduced 2,00 € per person

Tickets are available on the day 30 minutes before at the ticket office, no prior registration possible.

(1.,8.,9., 15.+16.4.)

Further offers to explore the museum on your own:
Discovery sheets

With the colourful and imaginatively designed natural history sheets, primary school children can discover the museum on their own. They can answer questions, measure dinosaur teeth, make up stories or draw pictures.

The sheets can be purchased for €1.00 in the museum shop.

Museum rally for children in German and English
With our museum rallies, children from 6 or 9 years of age can independently discover the museum with its different exhibition areas.

Twiddle - the museum riddle
The world is on the move! With twiddle - the game of the eight Leibniz research museums - young people aged 12 and over as well as game-lovers of all ages can go on an interactive discovery tour with the museum objects in the Museum für Naturkunde. Collect, craft and look at the world from different perspectives. twiddle can be downloaded free of charge from the app stores.

Further information on discovery sheets, museum rally and twiddle can also be found here: Materials | Museum für Naturkunde (