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For nature in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin during autumn vacations

In addition to visiting the exhibitions with an online ticket, there will again be the opportunity to take part in flashlight tours during the autumn vacations from October 12, 2020. Tours for small groups and after-work tours can also be booked. As a supplement and for preparation and follow-up work, there are numerous digital offerings that can be used to get even more Berliners excited about nature. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok we also take interested people behind the scenes of the exhibition, collection and research.

On Saturdays (October 17 & 23) and Friday, October 23, there will be guided tours for children with flashlights at 19:00 and 19:30. After the gates of the museum have closed, visitors sneak through the dark museum rooms under the light of their flashlights in search of the various animals of the night.

Exclusive guided tours for small groups and after-work tours after museum closing time can also be booked at present.

The exhibition "Parasites - Life Undercover" is highly topical. The constant race of adaptation and counter-adaptation of host and parasite results in the most incredible survival strategies and lifestyles. This makes them exciting objects of research. But the exhibition also provides a topical link to the corona pandemic and lets researchers from various fields have their say, including the well-known virologist Christian Drosten and the museum's bat researcher, Mirjam Knörnschild. In addition, visitors will learn why fossils such as the skull of T. rex Tristan Otto can help to better understand the evolution of today's diseases and why the digitization of the museum's collection is an important step towards answering future research questions and social challenges.

In our Guided Tours, we invite you on a digital journey of discovery to the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. The online tours highlight individual areas of the exhibition and tell exciting stories about the 30 million objects in our research collection - from macaws to dinosaurs.

And last but not least: listen to the beat of science! In the podcast Beats & Bones we open doors to our collection and research laboratories that are otherwise closed. Experts talk about everything from bees to Tyrannosaurus rex from the realm of nature.

Further information about the educational programs, conditions of participation, registration, and the protection and hygiene rules can be found on the museum's homepage. Digital guided tours can be found here. An overview of the digital offerings including social media channels can be found here: #forNature digital

Weitere Informationen zu den Bildungsprogrammen, Teilnahmebedingungen, Anmeldemöglichkeiten und den Schutz- und Hygieneregeln finden Sie auf der Homepage des Museums. Digitale Führungen finden Sie hier. Eine Übersicht zu den digitalen Angebote inklusive der Social Media Kanäle finden Sie hier: #fürNatur digital