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Berliner Stadtnatur series

Opened box "Berlin Nightingales"

With the boxes from the Berliner Stadtnatur series, Berliners can make their way to the parks and green spaces of the capital to find out more about the urban biodiversity. Each box focuses on a different species. In addition to interesting information, we also want to give practical tips on how and where the respective species can be discovered in Berlin.

Each box contains:

  • a DIN-A2 card to hotspots,
  • a booklet with exciting information and
  • a notebook for your own observations.

Box 1: Berlin Nightingales

Berlin is the capital of the nightingale. In spring, Berliners welcome more than 3,000 of these small migratory birds. But: why does the nightingale love Berlin? Where can you listen to her? Where do these little birds fly in autumn? And why is their singing so diverse?

In the first issue, the scientists Sarah Darwin, Silke Voigt-Heucke and Kim Mortega from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin follow in the footsteps of the nightingale and its inspiring song. As part of the Citizen Science project Forschungsfall Nachtigall, the authors have already excited citizens about nightingale research. Together with their nightingale community, they researched the song of the nightingale and dedicated themselves to the diverse cultural aspects of the "King of the Night".

The box Berliner Nachtigall is now available online in the museum shop.

The nightingale in culture

In addition to the box, we have put together a nightingale playlist on YouTube in which we show the relevance of the nightingale in art and culture, with videos from Udo Lindenberg to Barbara Hendricks. This also includes the digital edition of "Picnic & Poetry", in which we welcomed artists from all over the world in May 2020 to celebrate the nightingale together.

Naturblick app

With Naturblick, those interested can easily identify the animals and plants of the city's nature and learn more about nature in their neighborhood. Plants can be identified using automatic image recognition, bird calls can be identified using automatic sound recognition.

Download via Play Store (Android) • Apple Store (iOs)