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Immortal? Finale of the science variety show Glitzern & Denken

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Extinct species and fossils at the museum of natural history teach us a lot about life - does that make them immortal? Curtains up for the finale of Glitzern & Denken, the science variety show at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. From March 29-31, 2022, musicians, artists and scientists will perform an unforgettable evening show, streamed live on the museum's YouTube channel. Glitzern & Denken offers an entertaining look at the museum's current research and activities, especially paleontology and taxidermy. The project Glitzern & Denken is carried out by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin together with the Ensemble Salon Fähig and Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) and is funded by the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.

What does immortality mean in the context of a natural history museum? Does a dead object become immortal because it is displayed in a museum for countless years? What methods do paleontologists and natural history preparators use to approach immortality? What can we learn from the past for our future, especially with regard to the loss of diversity of animal and plant species worldwide? The science variety show Glitzern & Denken explores these questions among others on stage.

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has set itself the goal of opening up its research and collection to society. Glitzern & Denken combines art with science and underground culture with high culture. Music, artistry and storytelling enter into a creative dialogue with science. In this project, artists and scientists work together to develop evening shows that take an entertaining look at scientific topics. In this way, a space is created in which people from different backgrounds talk about science at eye level. The focus: fascination and curiosity for nature.

For the finale of Glitzern & Denken we have gathered a top-class team of performers and experts on stage at the Museum für Naturkunde. The artistic director of the show, Ines Theileis, together with the Babylon Orchestra and singer Rebal Alkhodari, will provide a musical highlight of the show series. As always, the artist known as "Prof. Golle" Philip Golle will also be part of the show, supported by Gillian Joleen Schaack (modern dance) and Jade Lee Petersen (contortion). From the museum side we welcome the preparator Christin Scheinpflug and Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller, professor of paleozoology and head of the MicroCT laboratory.

Unfortunately, due to pandemic safety and hygiene requirements, only a greatly reduced number of visitors will be able to attend the show on site. Journalists can be accredited for a live visit.


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