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Live Talks "Diverse Science"


At the Live Talks "Diverse Science" we will show the diversity that has always existed in research. Researchers from different disciplines and institutions present their research, talk about their life's journey and share a biographical topic of their choice with the participants. A moderator accompanies the discussion.

In this episode, Nicolas Baird from Museum für Naturkunde Berlin talks about Integrative Taxonomy and Integrative Exchange: Queerness and Community in Science and Art.

Nicolas is a queer biologist and artist who grew up in rural Arizona, USA. After getting his bachelor’s in science sociology and studio art, he went on to study for a master’s in taxonomy and biodiversity. Now he splits his time between his studio and the Schadelboden in the Museum für Naturkunde, where he’s studying the evolutionary history of antelopes.

Event information

  • Watch the recording of the presentation on our YouTube Playlist
  • Moderation with Chris Prüfert (PhD candidate in physical chemistry, University of Potsdam)

Further dates

  • 10.12.2020: NAMS Study - Nutritional Approaches in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • 11.03.2021: Physics, information theory and machine learning
  • 01.04.2021: Cosmic Neutrinos from the Frontier
  • 15.04.2021: Brain Development and Function

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An event of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, realized within the context of the Action Plan of the Leibniz Research Museums under the motto "A World in Motion".