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Perspectives on Nature

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PAN is unusual: a humanities department at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. PAN focuses on the Museum and its collections by dedicating itself to cultural, scientific and artistic investigation. Our objective is to open new perspectives on how nature is perceived. PAN is an interdisciplinary research department. It spans various fields of interest within and beyond the Museum. Through its novel approach, PAN encourages discussion, questioning and forward thinking.

PAN builds on already existing historical research that has a long tradition at the Museum. It initiates new research projects in cooperation with partners from the humanities and the arts. It thus fosters the Museum’s reputation as a distinguished interdisciplinary research centre.

PAN promotes critical self-reflection and interdisciplinary thinking. It looks at past and present approaches to the collection and at the scientific investigation of nature. PAN analyses social, political, cultural and historical contexts and how these have shaped the perception and presentation of “nature”. By doing so, we want to better understand the evolution and the development of natural-history disciplines throughout the Museum’s history. PAN develops new forms of communication with the public. It establishes interdisciplinary debate on natural history museums in the 21st century.

Current projects are Art/Nature, Dinosaurs in Berlin and Political Object Mobility, already concluded: Objects of Knowledge.

Please send an email to pan(at) if you would like to receive information about forthcomming PAN events. We will be happy to add you to our (Mailchimp) mailing list.