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Humanities of Nature

Humanities of Nature

The department Humanities of Nature brings together scholars and practitioners from the history of science, science and technology studies, the sociology of science and sustainability, cultural studies, museum studies, information and archival sciences and the arts. The department focuses on the politics, histories and cultures of nature through original research, public engagements and the provision of a research infrastructure, the Historical Division. The objective of the department is to support critical self-reflection within natural history museums and biodiversity sciences, to develop theoretical and practical tools for examining the relations between nature, culture and politics, and to advance novel collaborative knowledge practices. 

The department leads and engages in third-party funded research projects, publishes articles and books, organises workshops and conferences, provides expert knowledge, curates exhibitions and participates in many national and international networks and associations.

Current thematic focal points encompass the relations and traffics between the Museum für Naturkunde and the Zoologische Garten AG Berlin; the history and presents of the Kunstkammer; the colonial provenance of natural history collection and collecting; the history of collections, exhibitions and museums; the datafication of nature and environments; socio-political contexts of biodiversity; the history and future of museum architectures; and artistic interventions in museum spaces.

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