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More Sounds, Beats & Bones


The third season of the award-winning podcast Beats & Bones from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has started. In ten new episodes you can once again listen to the beat of science. It starts with "Sounds of Biodiversity" by and with DJ and visiting scientist Dominik Eulberg.

Experts open the doors of the collection and research laboratories. They talk about the comeback of the Panke, collection management and morals, myths and becoming human. They get really excited, experience thrillers at the badger building, look for flowers at the main station and travel to prehistoric times in Thuringia.

The first episode really gets to the bottom of the beat of science, with DJ and guest scientist at the museum, Dominik Eulberg: "In order for us to really protect nature as our livelihood, awareness of this needs to reach far beyond the community, as things will only change if they are able to gain majority support. Music can be a fun way to sensitise larger parts of society to nature - and to the fact that we humans are part of it and have responsibility for it."

Strengthening this exchange with and within society is one of the concerns that Dominik Eulberg wants to advance as a visiting scholar at the museum. To this end, he will also work with the research collection and, for example, bring the hidden life of native bats into the public eye in an exchange with researchers at the museum.