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Book T. rex - MB.R.91216

Companion book to „Tristan – Berlin bares teeth“

Tristan Otto leaves traces. Whoever came close to the original skeleton has been spellbound by its aura. Deep black, mysterious, from a period dating 65 million years back. Over all those years – a timespan that is hard to imagine for us humans – the remains of the dinosaur lay secure, deep in the rock until it rose and was eroded so that they were released again.

What would be the tales those bones could tell? Since the arrival of the skull in July 2015, a whole team was trying to answer this question. This book is an attempt to pass on this fascination to the reader. The skull, consisting of 47 bone fragments, the sensory centre of the erstwhile living dinosaur, tells a story, from the death of the animal to the exhibition. An experiment – 47 narratives from the bones‘ point of view. This is an unusual perspective, together with extraordinary photographs, black-and-white portraits of the bizarre structures and shapes of individual fossilised fragments.

The book T. rex - MB.R.91216 will be published as a hardcover and as a limited, numbered edition, cast in a concrete block. Unearth the Dinosaur! Depending on the way it is unpacked, the concrete shell can be used as a slipcase. Tyrannosaurus rex as it has never been presented before.

Linda Gallé & Uwe Moldrzyk
Design: Sonja Kreft
Photography: Hwa Ja Götz & Carola Radke
244 pages, 47 stories in German and English, 106 illustrations, hardcover, 20 x 26 cm
ISBN: 978-3-9815029-8-5

Hardcover          €34.95
Concrete cast     sold out

Available in the museum shop