U-Bahnhof Naturkundemuseum mit Beats & Bones Podcast Plakaten
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To mark the start of the new podcast Beats & Bones from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, new posters are hanging in the subway station Naturkundemuseum. From Gorilla Bobby to T. rex Tristan Otto, the illustrations by Sarah Heuzeroth teaser the topics of the podcast. There is a lot to hear about dinosaurs, insects and the creation of the world.

If you want to listen in, you can scan the QR code directly at the track and learn exciting things about nature while riding the subway.

Beats & Bones is created in cooperation with our main sponsor Berliner Sparkasse. Under the motto Wissen Schafft Durchblick , we work together to provide broad sections of the population with an overview of scientific and economic topics. Followers of the Berliner Sparkasse Instagram account can ask their questions about the podcast topics in advance. The best questions will be answered by our experts directly in Beats & Bones, further questions will be answered in Instagram.

Have a good trip for nature!

The subway station in the change of time: